With ongoing support from yogi guide Hector Johnson, the practitioner decides: on what day to begin and culminate their healing practice | when to engage in program activities | when to take pauses for critical reflection | what soul/creative work/s to cultivate | when to engage with yogi guide Hector Johnson for one-to-one sessions - 10hrs per participant | knowing yourself includes: 29 lessons of guided workshops with yogi guide Hector Johnson throughout your guided healing practice | knowing yourself support | support with devising a new or existing mythology out of the functionality of your daily spiritual practice | a non-judgemental listening ear allowing you to hold space coming into your own power at your own time as you know yourself

What are the 14 Modules On Love in Knowing Yourself?


  • Love Of Nature

  • Love Of Beauty

  • Love Of Animals

  • Love Of Family

  • Love Of Friend | Love Of Foe

  • Love Of Country | Love Of Tolerance

  • Love of Production | Love Of Discipline

  • Love Of Knowledge | Love Of Self

  • Love Of Truth | Love Of Service